Being on time and booking:

  • We respect our clients’ time and we hope that our clients respect our time as well–we block out adequate time for all services to schedule our clients to ensure that there is minimal waiting time as we understand everyone has a busy schedule. We do as well.

  • Please do your best to show up on your scheduled appointment on time. We do not want to rush any of the services that we do on our clients as quality work is very important.

  • If you are late and we are unable to do quality work on you, we will cancel your appointment, and additional 50% charge will be added to book another appointment.

  • Booking the right service is very important to make sure you are getting the right service–if you need a full set of lashes but only book for a “fill,” we will only do a fill for you of the time given for the fill. The if an artist has to do 60% or more work on your lashes, it  is a full set.

Cancellation :

  • We fully understand that there will be emergency times and situations

  • We do everything we can to accommodate all of our clients busy schedule, please respect our time as well.

  • Cancellation within 24 hours will have a fee of 50% of the appointment deposit fee.

  • No show no call will have a fee of 100% of the deposit fee, no exception.


Deposit and Schedule:

  • Please call 425-373-6132 to schedule an appointment to cut down your wait time when you arrive.

  • Monday to Saturday : 10am to 9pm ,  Sunday; 11am to 6pm


Lash Extension Info

  • Pease remove all eye makeup with OIL-FREE cleanser prior to your appointment. Eye makeup can interfere with the adhesive bond and shorten the lifespan of your lash extension
  • If you wear contact lenses, please remove them
  • Wear comfortable clothing and blanket will be provided if you get cold
  • Do not consume caffeine prior to appointment as you will be laying down with your eyes closed for a couple or so hours
  • To make your appointment comfortable and to avoid delays please visit the bathroom before procedure


Taking care of your lashes is important to make sure great retention and health of your lashes!

  • Do not wet Lashes for the first 24 hours
  • Brush you lashes with wand gently at least 2 times a day, morning and night.
  • For the best result avoid use of spa, sauna or pool for the next 48 hours
  • Do not rub eyes
  • Use only oil free makeup removers
  • Do not use lash curlers
  • Use ONLY for lash extension mascaras, no oil base or water proof mascara.
  • Do not rub lashes after showering, blot dry with towel or air dry
  • You can use a blow dryer to dry lashes at a cooler setting. Blow from the bottom up.
  • Use care when applying oil –based products around eye area which can break down the lash adhesive.
  • To remove eye liners gently use Q-tip dipped in oil free remover and wipe it across your lid, or away from the lid. Never towards the extensions. Do not use cotton balls as you’ll get the furry mess on your extension.
  • If wearing foundation, remove first with oil free cleanser avoiding eye area before washing extensions.

 Shampoo your lashes with cleanser

  • Shampoo your lashes at least 2 to 3 times a week to keep you lashes healthy and clean from daily residues such as sweat, dirt and other things. Shampoo more often based on your activities.
  • Lather gently downward on your closed eyes using lash cleansing brush and brush gently on lashes to clean lashes thoroughly
  • Rinse off with warm water
  • Being very gently and apply paper towel or toilet paper with no motion onto lashes and repeat to dry ( avoid towels that can grab on to lashes and pull them out)
  • Use brush wand and very gently brush upward motion and fan lashes back out.
  • Do this 2 -3 times per week.

                                             Permanent Makeup Info.

  • Precare and Aftercare will be e-mailed during consultation.



Location: Silver Lake Plaza- 11419  19th Ave SE Everett, WA 98208