Lips and Eyeliners

Lip Tattoo Makeup:

Lip tattoo is a procedure that embeds high quality colored pigment ( not tattoo ink) into the skin making an appearance of a fuller and beautiful lips.  This procedure  is becoming very popular due to its many benefits such as financial and time saving.

Through this procedure, it also can correct the unevenness liners of your lips as well as concealing other problematic areas of on your lips without going through other invasive lips correcting procedure  that can be costly.

What we offer here at Advanced Modern Beauty :

Blended Lip Liners– we do not do just “lip liners”– which is  just a distinctive outline around the lips which many other places offer. As an artist who does quality work and to ensure my clients achieve the best results for their money, I believe that an outline alone  cannot meet that expectation and I do not offer that  at Advanced Modern Beauty.

We offer Blended Lip Liner- which we draw the outline then gradually blend in to your lips which makes it more natural  and beautiful.

Full Lip Tattoo It is a full lip procedure including the outline of the lips then fully and strategically blend in the high quality pigment to cover the full lips giving an appearance of full, beautiful, and defined lips.  

Benefits of full lip tattoo:

–conceal and correct unevenness  outline of the lips

–all day lip color without applying lipsticks

–save time and money ultimately because you don’t have to buy lip makeup

–fuller, defined and beautiful lips


Your safety here at Adanced Modern Beauty is utmost important , safety steps will be adhered to 100% and we will discuss the steps and show you unopened supplies that we will be using on you before we start the process for your peace of mind.

Note: retention of pigment on the lips can last up to 1-5 years , but can fade in the matter  of weeks or months depending on person basis and aftercare.

Location:  Lip tattoo located in Everett, WA. in Silver Lake Plaza 11419 19th Ave SE Everett, WA 98208




Blended Lip Liner — $ 400 (includes a free 5 weeks follow up touch-up)

Full Lips Tattoo Color Tint — $ 550  (includes a 5 weeks follow up touch-up)


Blended Lip Liner  between 6 months to 1 year — $ 200

Full Lips Color Tint between 6 to 1 year — $340   


Eyeliners and Lash Enhancement:

What is Lash Enhancement?
Lash Enhancement is a treatment that involves tattooing a thin fine black line between the lash line. That gives you the appearance  of thicker, darker lashes and a natural finish without the obvious look of makeup. This is becoming the hottest trend due to its simple procedure that can last up to 3 to 5 years.  Lash Enhancement  will sure make your eyes pop in the most natural way through out the day with no maintenance. 
What is Eyeliners and how it is different than Lash Enhancement? 
Eyeliner is the process of tattooing the pigment into part of the skin called the dermis. This differs from the lash enhancement by able to create a thicker and more dramatic look.  This procedure also has the ability to change the appearance of your eye shape.  We would draw out the eyeliners to your desire so you can see the effect it has on the appearance of your eyes before we start the procedure. 
Location: Eyeliners tatoo in Everett , WA
Lips and Eyeliners Training: Lips and Eyeliners training are available.


                                 Lash Enhancements  

Upper Lid Lash Enhancement – $310
Lower Lid Lash Enhancement – $120
Both Upper and Lower Lash Enhancement – $375


Dramatic  Eyeliner  (includes lash enhancement and 4 weeks follow up touch-up) -$ 500


Lash Enhancements before 7 months- (usually is not necessary unless you want  to make it thicker) -$75
                                                   1 Year Touch up
Upper Lash Enhancement – $190
Upper and Lower Lash Enhancement – $ 225
 Dramatic Eyeliners – $ 250