Customized Facials: 

This  face facial is designed for you to feel cleansed, refreshed and help with your skin.  You get a 50 minutes session while we pamper you with  top of the line products  including massage, mask, steam, cleanser, moisturizer, soothing cream, toner, eye cream and facial serum! 



Microdermbrasion is a procedure used to renew the overall skintone and texture by lifting the dry and dead layer of the skin cells.

It’s a very effective procedure to impove the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scarring.

Because it exfoliates and takes away the top layers of the dry and dead skin cells, your new skin will feel smooth and more youthful.  

The best part about this procedure is that is not invasive at all! There is no needle or cutting involved and recovery time is very short!

Ask us more about this procedure!


This is a mannual procedure that removes “peach fuzz,”  buildups, dead skin cells on the top layers of the skin.

This procedure helps with fine wrinkles , ance scars, gives radiant smooth skin.

Because this process removes buildups and “peach fuzz,” it helps skincare products penatrate better and be more effective. It is a great procedure to  do prior to apply other skincare products and other procedure.